Intercontinentype Foundry Presents:

Grid Based

All the Bobber characters are grid based.
The modular grid used gives it a singular aesthetics and every single letter have special care with the details.

Foreign Characters

The character set supports eastern and western european languages, icelandic, extended greek, russian, ukrainian, serbian cyrillic and maybe even more.

Vintage look

The inspiration to Bobber was, of course, the bobber motorcycles but not just that. We where looking for an unique type, a typeface that really got soul.


As you can see, we took care of each of the basic characters set and, after we finished developind it, we started to expand the set to a Pro version of the font.


If you want to go for a test drive with Bobber, you can download the reduced version, with the main characters only.

To get the pro version of Bobber for just US$ 5,00, pay it via Paypal by clicking the button. We’ll send it to you via e-mail after the payment is confirmed.